Feature: Chinese market blooms with Ecuadorian roses

Ecuadorian roses,famed for their size,vibrant colors and longevity,are increasingly popular in China,an ever-growing market where rose growers see as a crucial niche for exports..

Chinese tire maker starts building factory in Serbia

Chinese tire manufacturer Linglong on Saturday officially started the construction of its European factory in the industrial zone of the Serbian city of Zrenjanin..


12th"Chinese Bridge"competition held in Mongolia

The 12th"Chinese Bridge,"a Chinese language and culture proficiency competition for secondary school students,was held at the Ulan Bator Ensemble on Sunday..

Chinese culture amazes visitors at Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show

Bright and colorful pictures depicting Chinese landscapes and cultural activities like lion dancing and paper-cutting are attracting hundreds of visitors at the opening of 2019 Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show on Saturday..

  • @jumprunIt will boost tourism.I think a lot of people will go there..
  • @greentree007One Belt,One Road offers opportunities for China and other countries along the road,hopefully,our daily life can be improved because of it..
  • @ sparkleinReally!i am in Gansu province.i will go and see the expo..
  • @william116AIIB,Belt and Road initiative,well done,China!I live in Beijing several years.i like the summer palace..